Young Women in Public Affairs Award

Zonta International annually awards scholarships from the Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award Fund to young women in secondary education, in encouragement of participation in public affairs and nonprofit organizations, and to young women who wish to pursue leadership positions, are involved in public projects and/or voluntary organizations or who are active in student council work.

The scholarship amount varies depending on the level to which it relates.
Club Level: One scholarship, where the sum is determined by each club.
District level: A scholarship awarded to the amount of 1000 U.S. dollars
International level: Five scholarships are awarded, each to the amount of 3 000 U.S. dollars

Candidates must be students in upper secondary education, aged 16-19 years.


Link to Applicationform YWPA 2012

Applicants should describe in English:
- Study activities
- Active involvement and experience from work in organizations or
- Their international awareness, seen in a global perspective
- The status of women in the country
- The status of women in the world
- How to work to strengthen the position of women to achieve
   equality between women and men


The application should normally be submitted to the local Zonta Club by 15 March.

Please note that some clubs may have earlier application dates.

The clubs send information about their scholarship no later than April 1 to Bridget Birkoff, ZI District 21's scholarship coordinator: YWPA Application 2012 and YWPA Application Cover Sheet for Clubs.

The Board of ZI District 21 appoints the district scholarship before May 1.

The District winning entries are forwarded to the ZI YWPA scholarship committee, who on 1 July publish the 12 designated recipients of the international awards.

For further information:

- Birgitta Birkoff, Scholarship Coordinator for ZI District 21

- The local club president

- Zonta International website

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