2006 Shantana Shahid

As one of 13 strong applicants Shantana Shahid has been awarded the scholarship YWPA of District 21. Shantana was born in Dhaka and raised in Stockholm and has perspective of both cultures. She is representing her school in the European Youth Parliament.

She is active in Swedish Social Democratic Youth Association (SSU). She is also a member in the Gender Equality Group in her school. Shantana has a passion for dancing and she expresses that dancing serves to unite youth world wide in a creative, drug-free way.

Shantana has applied for universities in UK and in Sweden. In the future she wants to work for human rights or sustainable development. A thinkable profession could be to work for Amnesty.

Shantana Shaihd

In school she produced a film documentary against sex industry. The project was her Special Project carried through together with one of the other applicants for YWPA. The project included a three weeks visit in Bangladesh were they interviewed relevant organisations and individuals. She presents the problems in Bangladesh in a sensible and wise way in her essay “Status of Women in your Country”. She has also intelligent suggestions about how media could or should present women in her essay upon “Status of Women Worldwide”.

Suzanne de Laval and Baiba Rivza in the scholarship committee of District 21 say:

It is obvious that the best applications come from schools where one teacher has understood the idea of the scholarship, and can encourage girls with the right ideals and engagement and quality in their work, to carry through an application./.../The standard of the girls’ applications this year was fantastic so the competition was keen.

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