2015 D21 extra JMK-stipendier

Distriktets extra stipendium har tilldelats fyra studerande och två av dem presenteras här.

Laura Ancane som studerar vid Stockholm School of Economics i Riga, utvald av Riga Zontaklubb

Anna Maria Bornhausen som studerar Business Administration på masternivå vid Jönköping International Business School, utvald av Jönköping Zonta klubb.

Laura Ancane

After the end of fall 2015, I am in my final semester of studies in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. I spent the last semester abroad on exchange in the oldest and the best university in Norway in the field of Business Administration - Norwegian School of Economics, and it has given me much more than I ever expected.

For almost 5 months I have worked together with hard-working, extremely driven and goal-oriented young people, from whom I have learned a different view towards the future. After combining intense studies of both, BSc and MSc level finance and management courses, as well as student activities, such as active participation in the International Committee of Norwegian School of Economics, I have understood the best way how to strive for my life and career goals to achieve the desired results and continuously develop myself.

Laura Ancane YWPA-Distriktstipendiat

 My current goal is to study MSc program in Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden, starting in fall 2017. Until then, next to finishing my BSc thesis, I will expand my professional and intellectual knowledge working and volunteering as a teacher assistant in Accounting and Finance and as an Associate of SSE Riga Alumni Association. In addition, I am looking forward to playing flute in Latvian Nation Guard Orchestra, which will be a great way to use my free time to do one more thing I love, and to maintain my skills after 11 years of regular practice in music high school.

While doing my master’s degree, I will strive to get enrolled into CEMS Masters in International Management degree program, which I consider the best way to widen my knowledge and get the best education, expand my network, and get the most out of an international study experience. 

I want to pursue a career where I have a chance to manage, lead, and motivate to create meaningful projects and help others. The last half a year has immensely contributed to my development, and I know that all the new experiences and opportunities I will gain and use in the next couple of years will contribute even more generously than the recent ones, and they will allow me to grow and help others at completely different level.  


Anna Maria Bornhausen

Anna Maria Bornhausen is pursuing a Master of Science in Business Administration at Jönköping International Business School, Sweden. Currently, she is spending her exchange semester at Texas A&M University, USA. Her studies focus on international management and strategy. Originally from Germany, Anna Maria completed her undergraduate studies with both a degree from the European University Viadrina in Germany and Jönköping International Business School. Having studied in three different countries, she gained outstanding knowledge about her field of study and developed excellent cultural competencies.

Both during her graduate and undergraduate studies, Anna Maria was part of research projects at her universities through her positions as research assistant. In her internships, she worked for the CEO office of a world-leading personal care company and supported the team in furthering the corporate development ambitions of the company. Anna Maria gained additional valuable practical insights by working for one of the top two managing consultancies. These work experiences allowed her to create deep insights into her future career and to gain stimuli for her academic work.

Besides her undergraduate studies, Anna Maria cofounded a club to support under-privileged children in attaining their high school diploma. For Anna Maria, it is of highest importance to give back to others and she sees it as her role to provide others with opportunities to excel. At Jönköping International Business School, she is board member and head of sponsoring for a university club whose goal it is to prepare female students for their careers. In 2015, Anna Maria participated at the Family Enterprise Case Competition in Vermont, USA, and together with her team succeeded in winning the graduate section of the competition. Additionally, Anna Maria was awarded as best graduate presenter during the tournament.

Upon graduation, Anna Maria plans to work in an international management consulting firm. Her overall goal is to increase the female presence in the business world by connecting, mentoring and supporting other businesswomen.

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