2013 Kristina Kaske

Kristina Kaske, 2013 års distriktsvinnare av Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship. Hon nominerades av Uppsala I. Kristina studerar Environmental Economics and Management vid Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU).


My studies have had a strong influence on me, my personal development and academic career. With a former profession in web and graphic design, I planned to enrich my work experience with an academic degree in Business Administration and Business Psychology. Not only due to the participation in 'National Model United Nations 2010' and many enriching discussions, I chose to focus on and major in “Environmental and Sustainability Management”. The Master program 'Environmental Economics and Management' at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has further deepened my understanding and knowledge of the role of sustainable development within the business discipline. With the additional qualification in “Global development, natural resources and livelihoods” at SLU I seek to develop a stronger understanding of international development, especially in developing countries.

During my studies, I have gained deeper insights in global coherencies and interrelations, an understanding for the need of sustainable development in industrialized as well as developing countries. Instead of solely focusing and improving and enforcing economic growth, the consideration of environmental as well as social aspects is becoming more and more important. Environmental pollution and the exploitation of natural resources will not only increase social tensions, but also hold additional challenges, that global society needs to tackle and solve. Based on the development during the last decades and my personal perception, the necessity of sustainable development will need to be extensively incorporated in enterprises and companies will need to take on more responsibility in their business practices. I aim to contribute to sustainable development locally as well as globally. After finishing the Master program in Sweden, I seek a professional international career in a development-related organization or the private sector.

I consider women to have a high emotional intelligence hence their role in business, as future leaders, is becoming increasingly important – especially in respect to considering environmental and social issues in sustainable development. It will be crucial that women take over more responsibility for a ‘common future’. Therefore the Zonta International network and its work in advancing the status of women and empowering tomorrow’s leaders worldwide are of crucial importance. I am honored to be one of 2013’s recipients of Jane M. Klausman’s ‘Women in Business Scholarships’.

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