2012 D21 extra JMK stipendium

ZI Distrikt 21 har beslutat att dela ut ett stipendium utöver distriktsstipendiet Jane M. Klausman Women in Business 2012 på 2500 SEK.


After completing a 3 BSc programme in Economics and Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga in 2010 and working as a country manager at DavanuServiss.lv (Internet based shop of opportunities for passive and active entertainment) for 1 year I took a decision to bring some slight changes to my daily routine.

Since 2011 I have been enrolled to 2 international Master level programmes. The first one is MSc degree in Business and Economics with specialization in Marketing and Media Management undertaken at Stockholm School of Economics. The second one is a Master`s programme in International Management ensured by CEMS, a global alliance of academic and corporate institutions. The CEMS academic and corporate members jointly work to widen students` leadership potential, develop managerial skills and provide state-of-art education that are essential in the multicultural and interconnected business world. As a part of this study programme, I spent one exchange semester in Vienna School of Economics and Business, sharpening my expertise in global strategic, marketing and financial management.

Apart from the aforementioned academic background, I also actively pursue professional targets, which might be split into 2 parts, of shorter-term and long-term nature. In the closer future, I aim at becoming a highly qualified marketing specialist that would become an irreplaceable link in the business mechanism, bringing fresh insights and contributing with my expertise in market analysis, brand management or strategic business development. In the longer run, I would be glad to establish and lead social entrepreneurship project in Latvia, my dream and biggest objective since several years. Inspired by German specialist Fionn Dobbin`s several realized projects in Latvia, I want to run a socially-beneficial project as I want to help those vulnerable parts of our Latvian society that look for a new way for self-realization, improving financial stability, and getting more hope in future, which was broadly lost by many people during the times of the latest economic crisis.

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